Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Story - Hopkins Park

When I Think of Christmas - Video

Toys and Joy - Video

Story by iWAD Reporter Lauren Johnson

Toy drive brings joy to scores of children

By Lauren Johnson

The faces of the two little boys lit up with excitement as they received their gifts. The little boys had not seen their mother in years. But for a few hours, that sadness could not compare to the joy of receiving gifts and the fun and food that filled the room.

New coats, hats, scarves and gloves were some of the many gifts that children received at a toy drive on December 13 at the Kohl Center in Kankakee. Besides handing out gifts, children and their families played games such as Christmas trivia.

The toy and coat drive was sponsored by the Garden of Prayer Youth Center in Momence. The group presented gifts to about 600 children. Last year, Garden of Prayer distributed 30 coats and 300 toys to nearly 280 children, according to published reports.

The smell of fresh baked cookies and hot cocoa filled the air and mixed with the laughter of children and the chatter of adults. In the background, Christmas music played. The sounds of “Silver Bells”, “This Christmas” and “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” made it feel like it was already Christmas Day.

Every child left with a gift in hand, but more importantly with a smile on their face.

I Have a Dream - Shani Maxwell

Like their classmates, Lorenzo R. Smith students Shani Maxwell, Clarence Wells, Anthony Love and Lauren Johnson, have dreams--dreams of college, dreams of success, dreams for tomorrow. Participants in the fall iWriteADream workshop, they write briefly about some of their dreams and their hopes for the future, captured here on the eve of Christmas break.

I have a dream of graduating valedictorian of my eighth grade class. I have a dream of being one of the people in my family to graduate and succeed in high school. I have dreams of going to Florida A & M University, a historically black college, where I can work with individuals that are at the same stature and level of achievement as I am. When I go to college I dream of studying to become a pediatrician, surgeon or an anesthesiologist.

I dream big to have a big future. I have dreams of getting out of Hopkins Park to discover the world and to see what else it has to offer. I plan to accomplish my goals that I set for myself by finishing what I start and not giving up because dedication and perseverance are the keys in life.

I sometimes hear people say "I can't" and "I quit," but when education comes to my mind, those words are out of my vocabulary. I will not be stereotyped by becoming another black child who has to live off of welfare because I'm better than that and I know it. I will not keep the generational welfare going on in my family.

Now I've told you my dreams, so why don't you tell me about yours.

Clarence's Dream

My dream is to make it in life and to become a lawyer. If I don't become a lawyer I will work with animals because I love animals. Animals are sweet. As a lawyer, you have to make up good excuses to get your client out of trouble.

This is My Dream - Anthony Love

People always ask me what is my dream. What do I want to be in life? Sometimes I just really don't know.

Now that I'm older, I want to have my own business. Be my own boss and pick who I want to work for me, so I can take care of my mother. My dream was always in sports, but I see that I have a better chnce with my own business then trying to be a basketball or a football player.
I want to have my own business so I can use my ideas and so I can tell people what to do because I hate getting told what to do.
My dream is to become a successful black man. But to become a successful black man I have to stay in school, study really hard and stop clowning. That's how I will become a successful black man.

Dream Crashers

By Lauren Johnson
Dream crashers will crush your dreams and take away your dreams.

Dream crashers make your dreams crash and burn, burn 'til you listen and you learn dreams can come true. Stay away from dream crashers, 'cause your dreams will never come true.If you want your dreams to be given up, then go see your nearby dream crasher.

But if you want them built up, Go see your local dream builder.

See how you can make them come true.

So be a great person and think about all of your dreams.
And make them come true.
Make your dreams come true.

When I Think of Christmas...

By Denisha Cearo

When I think of Christmas, I think of Jesus’ birthday. I think about when he made me who I am. I think about the breath he gave me to get up and come to school every day. I think about will he bless me to see 2009 or not. But most importantly, I thank him for giving me a family to have Christmas dinner with.

I’m very thankful for this holiday because you can give and receive gifts. I think about when he died on the cross to give us life. I thank God that I have a church home to go to on Sunday. I thank him for the first church he made that is called the Church of Christ.

If God gave us life, we can at least thank him for giving us life.

By Lauren Johnson
I think of snow, ice and lot of gifts with family and food. I think of all of the presents there is to have and all of my family there is to see and hug. I think of all of the pies, cakes, turkey, ham, dressing, cranberry sauce, greens, chitterlings, sweet potatoes, sweet potato pieces, chocolate pies, lemon pies, chocolate pudding pie and lemon pudding pies. I think of all the people going to see their families and people gathering around the table to eat and the Christmas tree to see what everyone got. I also think of all of the gifts under the tree.

By Kody Sallee
When I think of Christmas I think of presents and all of the family that I will be with and all the love and joy that will be on my face when I get the one thing that I have been wishing for. When I think of Christmas, I think of all the lights that will be on our tree and house. When I think of Christmas, I think of God and how he died on the cross for me and my family and that’s what I think when I think about Christmas.

By Armond Magee
When I think of Christmas I know joy is arriving. Carolers will be caroling and people will be striving. To see that special day when all kids will be happy. Adults will be talking while others are laughing. Some put up ornaments and some put up stockings. Maybe snow will fall and wrapping paper will be dropping. On Christmas Day, it’s impossible to be mad. This is a time where everyone should be glad. Some people will have cake and dairy. It’s Christmas. Everyone should be merry.

Christmas play held at Bible Witness Camp

By Jacquil Rivers

The play at Bible Witness Camp was called “The Christmas County Spelling Bee.” The play was about Jesus. The actors had to spell the many names of Jesus. For example, some of the names were Immanuel, Messiah and Lamb of God.

The choir sang songs. Some of the songs were “Prince of Peace” and “Mighty God.” The people who did not get a part in the play sang in the choir. Other people had to say a scripture verse. The play was directed by Ms. Goosby.
Some of the actors did not know their parts, but the play was still good.

Teachers at Lorenzo R. Smith looking forward to holiday break

By Tyraze Turner

The students aren’t the only ones looking forward to the holiday break. Teachers are also looking forward to some time off to spend with family and friends or just relax. Here are some of the plans of Lorenzo R. Smith teachers this break.

Ms. Troupe will be spending time with her family.

Ms. Pickens plans on resting and can’t wait to get her hands on her 4,000 piece puzzle.

Ms. Magee will be spending time with her family, eating dessert first and then dinner.

Ms. Livingston will be spending time with her family.

Ms. Wicker said she will be cooking and her parents will be coming to her house. She opens presents from her family on Christmas Eve and Santa comes on Christmas Day.

Ms. Pitchlyn will be visiting with her family. Her daughter is coming from Ohio with her two children and they are having dinner.

At the top left is Ms. Pickens; below her is Ms. Pitchlyn; appearing next is Ms. Livingston; and above caption is Ms. Wicker.